Summer has finally ended in Cornwall

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After a hectic Summer of festivals, film shoots, stage build ups, stage knock downs, celebrity schmoozing, crew feeding, staff sunbathing, ¬†happy days, exhausting days, cider drinking days and generally spreading good cheer and full bellies, ‘cos we just love to ….. it’s now raining……a lot !!

So with a rich beef ragu on the simmer, a cup of tea and the heating on, what were the highlights?

Crew member Ruth gets a squeaze from The1975′s Matt Healy

Dolly Parton at Glasto – “epic”, the Summer sun setting over Plymouth Sound at MTV Crashes as the navy boys cooked on their landing craft cum BBQ below us, and the smile on the face of our niece as she got a squeeze ¬†from Matt of The 1975, her idol, after serving him his pasta!!